last updated on 24 February 2019

Björn Rüffer/German Student Exchange Program Up and Running

27 January 2017

German Student Exchange Program Up and Running

Photo of the people involved in establishing this agreement. A new student exchange program was established when Dr Arnim Heinemann, Head of International Office at the University of Bayreuth in Germany, signed a formal agreement during a visit to UON on January 27th. The program will allow UON students who have completed their Honours year to study at the University of Bayreuth for one year and receive recognition for the first year of their Master studies, and subsequently, have the chance to obtain a Master of Science in one additional year. In return, German students can study at UON during their fourth year to obtain an Honours degree, and upon returning home, their achievements during their Honours studies will be acknowledged as part of their Master studies.

The program concept was instigated by Professor Lars Grüne, Chair of Applied Mathematics at Bayreuth University, who was a visiting fellow at UON in 2015 and myself.

Mathematics honours students at UON who are interested in participating in this exchange should contact me for details.