last updated on 24 February 2019

Björn Rüffer/Diagrammatic Reasoning in Higher Education

26 September 2018

Diagrammatic Reasoning in Higher Education

A workshop on the teaching of mathematical concepts

As part of the CARMA special semester on Mathematical Thinking, James Juniper, Heath Jones, our friends from CARMA, and I are organising a workshop on the teaching of mathematical concepts using diagrammatic reasoning in higher education, to be held

University of Newcastle NeW Space Building

November 9-11, 2018

in the scenic NeW Space building, Newcastle. With the help of several high profile speakers, we want to investigate the potential for diagrammatic reasoning to be used to enhance the teaching of mathematics and abstract concepts across a range of disciplines (of business and economics, physics, engineering, and computer science) at the University of Newcastle, especially with a view to enhance the learning of diverse student cohorts.

For further information and registration, please visit the workshop website.