last updated on 19 March 2022

Björn Rüffer/Associate Editor for Automatica

21 October 2018

Associate Editor for Automatica

A journal of IFAC, the International Federation of Automatic Control

Earlier this year, I have joined the editorial board of the IFAC journal Automatica (published by Elsevier) as an associate editor. IFAC - International Federation of Automatic Control

Already since 2010, I am serving as associate editor for Systems & Control Letters (SCL), another journal published by Elsevier. Since the commencement of my role, I have handled more than 120 submissions for this journal.

Both journals are flagship outlets in the systems and control theory community and serve mathematicians and engineers alike. They have the highest (A* and, respectively, A) ranks in the former ERA ranking system, which is to say they are among the best journals in their field, and that is, of course, owed to their rigorous referee processes and quality submissions by authors.

It makes me very proud to continue to be part of this important quality control process for science, which would never be possible without the countless hours invested by the expert referees who assess novelty, significance, and correctness of every manuscript, and who always remain anonymous, rarely get public acknowledgement, and, like associate editors, do not get paid for their indispensable contribution. To them I say: Thank you, thank you, thank you!