last updated on 19 July 2021

Björn Rüffer/Teaching Excellence Award

30 November 2020

Teaching Excellence Award

For smooth transition to online teaching at the onset of COVID19.

I’ve won a Teaching Excellence Award for MATH1110 in Semester 1, 2020 when we had to switch teaching from face2face to online overnight!

Many thanks to the cohort of 500+ students who were a fantastic class, and really the heroes of this memorable semester.

The video is extracted from the award ceremony, which was held via zoom. You are hearing Pro-Vice Chancellor of the Faculty of Science, Professor Lee Smith, reading out the laudation. Published on YouTube with permission.

The laudation reads as follows:

Björn has demonstrated teaching excellence in MATH1110 in S1, 2020, where during the COVID-19 transition to online teaching, he pioneered new online lecture formats involving social media and interactive live sessions. At the same time he trailblazed the online transition of ongoing assessments, by finding ways of overcoming various technical limitations of Blackboard, by developing and sharing effective workflows applicable well outside MATH1110, and by creating a new extensive bank of online questions for MATH1110.