last updated on 01 September 2018

Björn Rüffer
mathematician, control theorist

School of Mathematical & Physical Sciences
Faculty of Science
The University of Newcastle, Australia


News items:

13 December 2017

University of Newcastle to host 12th IFAC Symposium on Nonlinear Control Systems in 2022

Australia wins competitive bid for hosting control theory conference

It took two rounds of close votes before Australia’s bid to host IFAC’s Symposium on Nonlinear Control Syste...

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01 December 2017

CARMA Workshop on Mathematical Systems Theory and Applications

University of Newcastle, 7–8 December 2017

With the help of CARMA, Chris Kellett and I are hosting a workshop on Mathematical Systems Theory and Applications in early Decemb...

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27 January 2017

German Student Exchange Program Up and Running

Photo of the people involved in establishing this agreement. A new student exchange program was ...

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01 September 2015

Annual NSW/ACT ANZIAM Meeting 2015

25th & 26th November 2015 in Sydney, NSW

Sydney skyline

The NSW/ACT chapter of ANZIAM is holding its annual meeting at...

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